Have you ever had to deal with a difficult author or writer? How did you handle it?

Sample interview questions: Have you ever had to deal with a difficult author or writer? How did you handle it?

Sample answer:

Yes, as an editor in the field of journalism, I have encountered difficult authors or writers on multiple occasions. When faced with such situations, I approach them with professionalism, patience, and open communication.

One instance that comes to mind is when I was working on a feature article with an author who was extremely protective of their work and resisted any changes or suggestions. To handle this situation effectively, I initiated a one-on-one meeting with the author to discuss their concerns and understand their perspective. I actively listened to their reasoning behind their choices and respected their creative vision.

During the meeting, I also explained the goals and requirements of the publication, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a consistent tone and style. I highlighted specific areas where I believed revisions were necessary to enhance readability, clarity, and accuracy. By explaining the reasoning behind my suggestions, I aimed to build trust and show that my intention was to improve the article, not undermine the author’s talent or intent.

To further address their concerns, I offered a compromise by allowing the author to review and approve the proposed changes before finalizing the edits. This collaborative approach helped the author feel more involved in the editing process and eased their resistance to revisions.

In addition to open communication, I find it vital to provide constructive feedback. When working with difficult authors or writers, I focus on highlighting the strengths of their work and offering specific suggestions for improvement. By emphasizing the po… Read full answer

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