How do you handle criticism or feedback on your work?

Sample interview questions: How do you handle criticism or feedback on your work?

Sample answer:

As a Video Journalist, handling criticism and feedback on my work is an essential part of my professional growth and development. I truly value the opinions and perspectives of others, as they can provide valuable insights and help me improve my craft. When it comes to dealing with criticism or feedback, I follow a few key principles:

  1. Maintaining a professional attitude: I approach criticism with an open mind and a willingness to learn. It is important to remember that any feedback is not a personal attack but an opportunity to enhance my skills and become a better journalist. I keep my emotions in check and focus on the constructive aspects of the feedback.

  2. Actively listening: When receiving criticism, I make sure to actively listen to the person providing it. I pay attention to the specific points raised, taking notes if necessary, and seeking clarification if something is unclear. This demonstrates my commitment to understanding their perspective and shows respect for their opinions.

  3. Reflecting on the feedback: After receiving criticism or feedback, I take some time to reflect on it. I consider whether the feedback is valid and how it aligns with my own objectives and standards. This allows me to separate subjective opinions from objective criticism and make informed decisions about any necessary improvements.

  4. Seeking additional perspectives: If I receive criticism or feedback that I’m unsure about, I find it helpful to seek additional perspectives. This can involve discussing the feedback with trusted colleagues or mentors in the field who can provide valuable insights and help me see different angles of the issue. Engaging in open and honest discussions allows me to gain a broader understanding and make more informed choices.

  5. Incorporating feedback into my work: Once I have evaluated the criticism or feedback, I ta… Read full answer


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