Describe your process for investigating and researching crime stories.

Sample interview questions: Describe your process for investigating and researching crime stories.

Sample answer:

As a professional crime reporter, my process for investigating and researching crime stories involves several important steps. Firstly, I begin by gathering initial information about the crime, such as the location, date, and basic details surrounding the incident. This could be obtained through police reports, press releases, or initial eyewitness accounts.

Once I have this basic information, I start conducting in-depth research. This involves examining various sources, such as court records, police statements, and official documents related to the crime. I also search for any previous criminal history or patterns that may be relevant to the case. Additionally, I utilize online databases, public records, and social media platforms to gather as much background information as possible about the individuals involved.

Next, I establish contact with relevant sources to gather more information and gain additional insights. This includes reaching out to law enforcement officials, witnesses, victims’ families, and experts in related fields. Building strong relationships with these sources is crucial, as they often provide valuable information that may not have been initially available.

In order to bring a comprehensive perspective to the crime story, I also conduct interviews with those directly affected by the crime. This could involve speaking with victims, witnesses, law enforcement officers, prosecuting attorneys, defense attorneys, and community members. These interviews not only provide me with different viewpoints but also help me to humanize the story and provide a voice to those directly impacted.

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