How would you go about covering a fashion story that has limited accessible information?

Sample interview questions: How would you go about covering a fashion story that has limited accessible information?

Sample answer:

When facing limited accessible information for a fashion story, as a Fashion Journalist, it is essential to employ various strategies to gather as much relevant information as possible and create an engaging piece. Here’s how I would go about covering such a fashion story:

  1. Start with preliminary research: Begin by conducting extensive background research on the subject of the fashion story. Look for any existing articles, interviews, or press releases that might provide useful information. This research will give you a foundational understanding of the topic and help identify any potential gaps in the available information.

  2. Utilize industry contacts: Reach out to industry professionals, including designers, stylists, and fashion insiders, to gather insights and exclusive information about the subject. Networking and building relationships with key individuals in the fashion industry can greatly assist in obtaining unique perspectives and insider knowledge.

  3. Attend fashion events and shows: By attending fashion events, runway shows, and presentations, you can directly observe and experience the subject matter. This will enable you to gather firsthand information, analyze the latest trends, and potentially interview designers, models, or attendees to capture their personal experiences and insights.

  4. Conduct interviews: If limited information is available, conducting interviews becomes crucial. Identify relevant experts, fashion historians, or influencers who can offer their expertise or opinions on the subject. Prepare thoughtful and well-researched questions to gather valuable insights that can be incorporated into the fashion story. Read full answer


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