What motivated you to pursue a career in foreign journalism?

Sample interview questions: What motivated you to pursue a career in foreign journalism?

Sample answer:

I was motivated to pursue a career in foreign journalism due to my deep curiosity about the world and a strong desire to understand and communicate global events. The opportunity to report on international affairs and share stories from diverse cultures was incredibly appealing to me.

One of the main factors that drew me towards foreign journalism was the chance to witness firsthand the impact of global events and conflicts on people’s lives. Being on the ground allows me to provide accurate and in-depth coverage, giving a voice to those affected by these events and shedding light on their experiences.

Additionally, foreign journalism offers a unique perspective and the chance to challenge preconceived notions and stereotypes. By immersing myself in different cultures and societies, I can provide a more nuanced understanding of the world to my audience, promoting cross-cultural understanding and empathy.

Another motivation for me is the opportunity to make a difference and contribute to positive change. Foreign journalism provides a platform to expose injustices, human rights violations, and other critical issues that might otherwise go unnoticed. By raising awareness and holding those in power accountable, I can potentially contribute to positive change in the countries and communities I report on.

To succeed as a foreign correspondent, it is crucial to possess a strong set of skills. First and foremost, language proficiency is essential. Being able to communicate effectively in the local language allows for deeper connections with sources, a better understanding of the culture, a… Read full answer

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