How do you handle the pressure of live broadcasting?

Sample interview questions: How do you handle the pressure of live broadcasting?

Sample answer:

Managing Pressure in Live Broadcasting

  • Preparation: Thoroughly researching and understanding the story before going on air minimizes uncertainty and stress.
  • Calm and Composed Demeanor: Maintain a professional and composed demeanor, projecting confidence and authority. This can help calm nerves and inspire trust in the audience.
  • Focus on the Mission: Remember the primary goal of informing the public. Focus on delivering the news objectively and accurately, rather than dwelling on performance anxieties.
  • Embrace Mistakes: Mistakes are inevitable in live broadcasting. Acknowledge them professionally, correct the error, and move on swiftly. Dwelling on mistakes only amplifies the pressure.
  • Practice and Rehearsal: Confidence comes from preparation. Conduct regular mock broadcasts or rehearsals to familiarize yourself with the technical aspects and hone your delivery.
  • Feedback and Mentorship: Seek constructive feedback from experienced colleagues and mentors. Their insights can help identify areas for improvement and boost resilience.
  • Support System: Surround yourself with a supportive team of co… Read full answer


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