What types of stories or beats are you most interested in covering?

Sample interview questions: What types of stories or beats are you most interested in covering?

Sample answer:

  1. Environmental and Climate Change Reporting: I have a strong passion for investigating and reporting on environmental issues, climate change, and sustainability. I am particularly keen on covering stories that highlight the impact of human activities on the environment, as well as efforts to mitigate climate change and promote renewable energy sources.

  2. Science and Technology Reporting: I am fascinated by the rapidly evolving fields of science and technology. I enjoy delving into complex scientific concepts and translating them into engaging and accessible stories for a general audience. I am especially interested in covering advancements in medicine, space exploration, artificial intelligence, and the intersection of technology with society.

  3. Investigative Reporting: I am driven to uncover stories that hold power to account, expose corruption, and bring about positive change. I am skilled at conducting in-depth research, interviewing sources, and building strong narratives that shed light on important social issues. I am particularly interested in investigating corporate malfeasance, government misconduct, and issues of public safety and health.

  4. Human Interest and Community Stories: I am passionate about telling compelling stories that highlight the human experience. I enjoy interv… Read full answer

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